Realize China

Established in 2000, Realize specialises in helping New Zealand companies' access and maintain relationships and strategic partnership with both businesses and regulatory authorities in China. We have a combined team of over 40 professional permanent and contract staff, in both China and New Zealand, who are trained and experienced in a number of specialist areas. These range from preparing business plans and export strategies in New Zealand, to conducting sophisticated market research or, for example, to providing bilingual negotiators to assist with your commercial dealings in China.

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Why Realize?

We are a New Zealand-Chinese joint venture, with resources based in both countries. Our understanding of both business systems and both cultures is an essential component of bridging commercial relationships.

Our New Zealand staff are available to (and frequently do) travel with our clients to China. Our Chinese staff will usually join us there.

Our focus is both commercial and technical. All key staff have skills and qualifications in both areas.

Our bilingual capability ensures clear, unambiguous communications and efficient and effective outcomes.