Tiaho Holdings Limited
"Realize has taken our high level innovative concept to a commercial business prospect securing capital venture funding and industry credibility at a blistering pace. Realize continues to be a key strategic partner in our ventures". January 29th, 2010.

Jonny Wilkinson / CEO

The Frontier Group
"Realize has very strong brand recognition throughout New Zealand and have a robust business model that uses the very best human resources available to enhance their client's business structures".

Tim Fitzgerald / Director

The Resources Group
"What differentiates Realize is that they DO. They are good at advising, but that's often the easy bit. The DOING is something consultants stay clear of, but it's when John and his team roll up their sleeves and get going. Engaging with Realize is easy, professional and comes with no frills".

Garry Reynolds / Director

Business Analyst
"John has an excellent and intuitive understanding of a client's needs and requirements, even before the client realises it. His focus on providing practical advice along with holding the client's hand through the implementation process is unparaplleled and well appreciated by his clients. John is also an excellent man-manager who places a large degree of confidence in his contractors and allows them freedom to think creatively. I would heartily recommend John, and if I were a SME, I wouldn's hesitate to talk to John first." January 10, 2010

Amrit Kolluru / CEOr

Methodist Employment Generation Fund
"Over the last two years we have worked closely with Realize on a number of venture projects. Their professionalism has been of the highest standard, which together with their proctical hands-on approach has made them a preasure to work with".

Phil Hickling

Partner, James & Wells
"John helped my clients take a rough idea and make money out of it by introducing sensible business practices and introducing my clients to his networks. What helps is that John is easy to get on with and tells things straight." January 26, 2010

Robert Snoep

"The 120 plus Nothland businesses we have refered to Realize have all received prompt and effcient assistance from John. Many of these owners / operators have credited their business growth directly to the services they received from Realize".

Ces Burke / Managing Director / January 2009

Design Industry
"John is an excellent business analyst and a man with vision for a greater return on investment for New Zealand products in the international market".

Dorenda Britten / Director

Ancient Kauri Kingdom
"Working within our business as an independent partner, Realize keep us focussed to ensure action plans are completed on time.

For this reason we have engaged Realize as a long term key strategic partner."

Alan Perkinson / CEO


"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."

by Lao Tzu (老子 in Chinese)
China, 6th Century BC